Monday, March 10, 2008

Abysmal low in Indian Hockey

Last saturday my good friend Thims was telling me that your blog has become obselete; thats when I felt I would write about Indian Hockey Team, as they are going to qualify for Beijing Olympics against all odds. But, that was not to be; we lost the game and a new low in the history of Indian Hockey. We have not qualified for Olympics for the first time since 1928.

One of the comment in a news channel was, Quote - "Atleast now, stop blaming CRICKET for Indian Hockey's state" - this comment should force the Super Cop out of Indian Hockey.

The build up and prepration was very good for the qualifiers; a good coach, nice support staff and players but destiny thought otherwise. No point in blaming the players and the coach, they had given it their all. We need to revamp the system.

First of all, Mr.GILL needs to be removed from President's post. Federation needs to be re-instated with past players. Focus on good infrastructure and facilitiers for the players from the grass root level.
The PHL is just an eye wash by IHF, to boast a professional leauge in place. PHL does not serve any purpose as we dont get any time outs in 35 + 35 mins matches. There should be no tournaments on grass or gravel, tourneys on Astro-Turfs. Government should step in and make sure that we have atleast one Astro-Turf in a city.

All said and done, the Indian public should encourage the great sport of Indian Hockey and be patient enough for the results to come. This is not the end of the road for Indian Hockey, it is just the begining to regain the past glory.


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